Annual Services


  • Annual inspection for inflatable liferafts
  • Annual inspection for lifeboats and launching appliances
  • Annual inspection for portable fire extinguishers
  • Installation and inspection for fixed fire extinguishing systems using CO2, Halon 1301, dry chemical powder, foam, Novec 1230 or FM-200
  • Annual inspection for SCBA and EEBD.
  • Annual inspection for inflatable life jacket.
  • Annual inspection and air pressure test for immersion suits
  • Oxygen and acetylene refilling
  • Cargo holds cleaning services
  • Cargo cranes
  • Liferaft & life boat davits
  • Cargo Hose Lifts
  • Foam sample analysis
  • Breathing air quality tests for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oil mist
  • Calibration of portable gas detectors
  • Calibration of pressure gauges