Ship Repair


  • Steel fabrication (hull and superstructure)
  • Aluminium fabrication (hull and superstructure)
  • Hull treatment (hydro-blasting, grit blasting, painting)
  • Pipe and valve repairs
  • Repair services for various pieces of equipment on board such as engines, generators, gear boxes, propellers, stem tube seals, pumps, purifiers, compressors, boilers, steam installations, fans, turbo chargers, fresh water makers and water treatment systems, condensers and heat exchangers, winches, cranes, electric motors, stabilizers, thrusters, steering systems and DP systems
  • Electrical services
  • Tank cleaning services
  • Carpentry jobs
  • Collision damage and steel renewals
  • Afloat repairs and modification in engine rooms, on deck and inside tanks.
  • En-route de-slugging of cargo/ballast tanks
  • Hydro blasting and tank coating
  • Erection of hinged scaffolding for any outboard jobs
  • Overhauling of various machinery and systems
  • Fabrication and installation of anti-piracy measures


  • Shafting and propeller repairs
  • Stainless steel shaft repairs
  • Fabrication of IGS fan impellers in stainless steel or bronze
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating machinery
  • Castings in bronze, iron and steel (e.g. pumps s and impellers)

Our workshop is equipped with lathe machines, boring machines, milling machines, band saws, CNC cutting machines, steel rolling machines, hydraulic presses and guillotines and laser alignment equipment.


  • Bridge equipment such as radars, gyrocompasses, autopilots and echo sounders
  • GMDSS systems such as SART, EPIRB, GPS systems and satellite systems
  • Electronic fire and gas detection systems
  • TV, audio and video equipment
  • Rewinding of motors, generators and transformers


  • Installation of hydraulic power packs
  • Repair and maintenance of hydraulic power packs with associated hydraulic devices for different installations like winches, cranes, capstans, cargo pumps, lifts, valves and stabilizers
  • Overhauling of cylinders
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Installation of hydraulic equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of hydraulic lines
  • Flushing of installation (including in hazardous areas)